Forthcoming events
Thursday 22/09/2011 ICOP2011

International Conference on Ophthalmic Photography

22-24 September 2011


The Ophthalmic Imaging Association of the UK, (OIA), has kindly and bravely agreed to host the 6th Quadrennial ICOP 2011, in Oxford, the heart of one of the most beautiful counties in England. Stephen Aldington is the Chair of the meeting and he and his OIA committee have been labouring to produce an amazing experience for all who attend. They have arranged for the meeting to be held at the University of Oxford’s Examination Schools, a “wonderfully excessive high Victorian massive right in the centre of Oxford.” This facility is usually reserved for Oxford students for testing purposes only, and not available to the public. But it will be the venue for the ICOP presentations and trade show. Haven’t you always wanted to be able to say you “attended Oxford”?
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