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Once upon a time there was a brilliant and talented group of ophthalmic photographers in the U.S. who were on a quest to improve their skills and build their fledgling profession. A society had already been formed which was dedicated to furthering their field and educating ophthalmic photographers about new instruments, new techniques, and what the role ophthalmic photography would take in the practice of treating patients with eye disorders.

But this intrepid group understood that if wonderful new things were being developed and were happening in North America, even more could be learned from photographers across the globe!

So they set out to establish a meeting that would bring together international practitioners in this new profession of ophthalmic photography to exchange ideas, learn alternatives, and expand their collective knowledge. This dedicated team, which included OPS members Don Wong, Marlene Fishman, Larry Merin, Albert Aandekirk, and Sadao Kanagami, produced what was called the first International Meeting and Technical Workshop in Rome, in 1986. It was a tremendous success as a common meeting place for imagers from North America, Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

And thus the international meeting that was soon to become known as the International Conference on Ophthalmic Photography, ICOP, was born. It was decided that such a large undertaking could not be accomplished often, so the tradition of holding ICOP meetings every four years was started. And it was also determined that the meeting needed to move around the globe in order to give better access to photographers from different hemispheres. The result has been a delightful collection of exciting meeting venues:

Singapore         Toronto       Edinburgh

Adelaide       San Francisco       Oxford      

And now, dear reader, ICOP consists of collaboration between four imaging societies: the Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society, the Ophthalmic Imaging Association of the UK, the Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustrators, and the Ooghelkundige Fotografie Nederland – Ophthalmic Photography Netherlands. Each group brings their expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm for ophthalmic imaging and it has been a very successful partnership! Yes! Some venues have been visited twice, and happily, ICOP will return to Singapore next March, 2017! The tradition continues!

The Singapore National Eye Centre has graciously agreed to host the next ICOP at their wonderful facility. A three day meeting of lectures, scientific papers, exchange of ideas, and comradery with old and new friends and colleagues is planned – a wonderful educational experience in a beautiful setting. What more could one want? There is no better way to start globetrotting than to build your journey around an outstanding educational program!

OPS members have already received a “Save the Date” notice via email, and the ICOP website link is coming soon with information about the meeting schedule, the excellent venue, accommodation, registration, and the delightful city of Singapore! Start planning now!

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