The Ophthalmic Imaging Association, a member of the Federation for Healthcare Science.

Many of you will remember us as the British Ophthalmic Photographic Association (BOPA), but rather like the ever-changing world of technology we too changed our name to keep ahead of the times.

Since our inauguration in 1984 we have seen many changes to our working practice and some incredible advances in the equipment we use. Some of these have made our lives easier by way of digitisation, and without doubt many have made our jobs more efficient, enjoyable and rewarding. Indeed, recent advances in treatment and diagnostic care have benefitted our patients to such an extent that we can now image the eye in ways previously unheard of, and more importantly our medical colleagues can treat these disorders successfully where visual improvement was impossible.

When BOPA/OIA first became active the main objective of our organisation was to bring together like-minded people to further the knowledge of Ophthalmic Photography and strengthen the close links many of us have in working almost entirely in Hospital Eye Units. In these early days Ophthalmic Qualification was non-existent and the concept of this was a lot of work and a long way off achievement. The past quarter of a century has enjoyed 24 successful Annual Conferences, 6 Worldwide International Symposia (ICOP) and an incalculable number of workshops and local meetings. Other achievements include close working relationships with other like-minded organisations such as AOSP and AHPO and a long-standing link with our American friends in the Ophthalmic Photographers Society (OPS).

We have also been fortunate as an organisation to enjoy very close contacts with our Corporate Trade Sponsors and every meeting we have held has been closely assisted by our regular Trade Exhibitors, and for this we are immensely grateful. A full list of our Trade Members can be seen on this web site.

There is much work we as a society are looking at for 2009 and the wealth of information in our web site can be a key element in your future development. I do hope you enjoy using it as an educational tool as well as an exchange of ideas and information. Please remember to let us know what you would like us to do in the future, and conversely anything we might not be doing quite to your liking must need addressing too. Whatever the question, the more information we can exchange the better and stronger we shall all become. Remember OIA is your organisation and this is your web site, please use it and help us not to lose it!


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